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Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover
Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover
Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover
Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover
Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover
Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover
Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover

Fuzz-Free Facial Hair Remover

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Flip the GOLD SWITCH to turn on and say goodbye to peach fuzz!

We know that facial hair always pops up when you least need it.

We also know how annoying it is when we can't remove it before meeting someone.

Small in size, our epilator is easily portable and can be used for emergencies.

Description & Features

  • Removes facial hair instantly and painlessly from lip, chin and cheeks!
  • 18K gold-plated head prevents irritation on sensitive areas and provides a finish as smooth as waxing!
  • Compact, discreet and portable lipstick style for quick touch-ups on the go!
  • Your make-up glides on flawlessly with peach fuzz gone!
  • Use it for emergency touch-ups on armpit and body hair too!
  • Gentle enough for everyday use
  • Easy to clean - simply remove shave filter to rinse under water.
  • Hypoallergenic, dermatologist recommended
  • With a simple twist on and off design, it is recommended to replace the heads every 3-6 months for optimal performance
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages!
  • Requires 1 x AA battery (not included)


Question: Does it work on coarse chin hairs?
  • I just received and used on the chin (some black/coarse), neck, above the lip and on side of the face. So far I liked and was no discomfort. -By ladyfsgf 
  • Yes most definitely - By Cindy Childress 
  • Yes...just keep using quick, rotating motions as suggested in the accompanying pamphlet. - By Paula 
  • Really well in fact. I have a lot of coarse chin hairs and it's smoother than using a regular razor. Super impressed - By ReviewsbyNat 
Question: Does hair grow back like it was shaved
  • I don't think so - it seems to get closer than shaving - the best part is you can keep up with growth. After using it several times, the regrowth is getting softer and softer. By YankeeFan1981 
Question: What makes this different than any other shaver?
  •  I have only used it once since I received it. But the shave is very close and my skin smooth. A regular shaver didn't do that. Hope that helps. - By Sail lady 
  • I like it. I can put it in my purse and use as needed. Sometimes I forget to shave my chin and lip hairs when I leave the house and I feel self-conscious about it. I can use this little razor real quick and not be embarrassed by unsightly stubble. I don't use this instead of my regular lady electric razor. I use the Flawless in an emergency if I forget to shave after I've left the house. - By Annette